Reasons to work with me as your Exclusive Professional Realtor

I am a NO-PRESSURE Agent, if it's not a good fit, I'll respect your decision

I am a Full Time Professional Realtor
I have been a Real Estate Professional since 2002
I continue to remain well ranked within my professional industry

Currently ranked in the top 3% of my Office and top 5% of all of Chicago Realtors, 17,000 +
Top Residential Producer 2006, Residential Sales Exceeding 7 million
Top Residential Producer 2005, Residential Sales Exceeding 5 million
I am a member of the Agent Leadership Council, Keller Williams

I am considered a "Mega Agent" | "Capper" under the Keller Williams Model

I am known in the industry as a Mentor, currently involved in mentoring a dozen agents/peers in the industry and part of a lecture circuit to enhance agents exposure/knowledge from seasoned agents and their specialties
I am enthusiastic and passionate about Real Estate, sharing/teaching/learning with my peers in the industry, to grow strong together
To me, it's about "Life Long Learning" - and my montra "it's 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it"
The FEE for my services is @ 3%, ask me for details [all contracts can be negotiated] Ask me about how Professional Agents get paid in today's real estate industry

Easy going, understanding and flexible to my clients ever changing needs, commitments and lifestyles
Honest and Forthcoming with information and processes associated with home buying | selling | investing
30+ & just crazy enough to consider my career FULFILLING
Dedicated to you throughout the process to build a strong relationship built to last, patient to a fault they say
Known for my Casual Work Style, and my Strong Commitment to my Clients and their needs [you'll spot me sporting shorts and flip-flops] I love that I can be myself and be successful

100% Mobile/Wireless Agent [can work for you from ANYWHERE/ANYTIME on my wireless laptop, wireless SPRINT card and PALM TREO 755P phone]

Very Communicative - communication and understanding is KEY in this journey together, I am to aid in making as smooth a transaction as possible, bumps come with the territory
ePRO Agent - very comfortable with today's technologies to enhance my business and the services I can offer my clients, known in the industry for my use of technology to enhance and improve my business practices.